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    I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by!

    - Frank, FL

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Yard Gard Mole Deterrent

How Does the Yard Gard Mole Deterrent work?



Our mole deterrent works on the same principle as our armadillo deterrent by using operant conditioning to train or to condition the animal to leave an area.


The differences between the two products being:

  • the variety and concentration of the ingredients and
  • the depth to which the ingredients migrate downward in the soil.


Moles travel in their “mole super-highways" located approximately two (2) to four (4) feet below the ground surface; yes that's right, even though you may not see them:

  • You almost always have moles living in or around your lawn.
  • You only see them when they come to the surface to forage for food or to push excess dirt to the surface (makes the mole hill).

 A couple of reasons moles come up to the lawn’s surface and cause damages your lawn:  

1) Dirt falls into their “mole super-highway" tunnels;

  • so they push this excess dirt to the surface where it creates the unsightly mole hill.

2) The mole comes up toward the surface to find food, namely earthworms and grubs.

  • This food source is usually just 1 or 2 inches beneath the lawn’s surface, so...
  • their  tunneling action raises the tunnel trail across the lawn's surface and breaks the grass roots leaving an ugly scar in the lawn's grass. 

 Most folks don't want to kill the earthworms or chase them  out of their lawn because;

  • worms aerate the soil and 
  • this  aerating, helps brings air and moisture to the root system of your grass and plants for a more healthy lawn


Our research and development team came up with a way to allow the ingredients in Yard Gard Deterrent to migrate downward into the soil for approximately two feet in depth. 

This creates a two foot thick barrier over your lawn, extending from the lawn surface and downward for approximately two feet. (Creates a blanket effect)

  • The mole normally live approximately two feet beneeth the lawns surface and...
  • this barrier stops the mole from traveling upward to your lawn's surface when they are searching for food.
  • When the mole reaches near the surface of the lawn they move around chasing after the worm or grub which creates the surface tunnels.
  • These surface tunnels mars the appearance of your lawn. 

After spreading Yard Gard Mole Deterrent over your lawn; water the treated area a couple of times per week within the first two weeks after application. To enhances your success more quickly, water more frequently. More water pushes more ingredients down into the soil, where they do the job of deterring the animal.


The moles, just like the armadillos, must be conditioned or trained not to return to that treated area to forage for food and this is what Yard Gard does; it conditions or trains the animal to go elsewhere to forage for food, because after Yard Gard is applied, the area is uncomfortable to the animal.

To put it simply, the next time the moles travel their super-highway tunnels they will pass right by your exit.

  • Knowing that even though there may be food at that exit, it's just going to give them heartburn, so they keep on truckin' to an area that is not treated with Yard Gard.


Yard Gard Mole Deterrent is made with two main components;  

  • the active ingredient and
  • the carrier granule (pellet).


These two components are joined together and covered with a hard-shell binding or coating agent which keeps the active ingredients locked inside the granule.


The hard-shell accomplishes several things;  

  • it keeps Yard Gard's active ingredients fresh until you activate them with water, and
  • the active ingredients are preserved from external elements;
  • This extends the shelf-life of the product while in storage.


This product is composed of natural food grade oils, spices, and minerals.  

  • Each of these ingredients are "user friendly" on their own, as well as when combined into the final formulation.
  • Yard Gard contains no harsh man-made chemicals and
  • it poses a very low amount of risk during, or after the application.


Because of these all-natural elements used in Yard Gard,  

  • it is completely safe for use around children, adults, house hold pets and it is safe for the surrounding environment. 
  • Yard Gard puts down a safe, chemical free, barrier in your lawn's soil that protects it from unwanted foraging and digging animals. 





Does the Mole Deterrent work?


Our Test Results - Activity vs. Days

The effectiveness rating ranges from 95% to 100% depending on three keys conditions:

1) the amount of water applied to the treated area

2) the number of animals (moles) tunneling in the treated area

3) the thickness of dead grass (thatch) in the treated area.

Once the Yard Gard is applied, as directed on the label, the water causes the hard coating shell to dissolve.

This allows the active ingredients to percolate out of the carrier granuel.

As the ingredients begin to release into the soil, lodging within the grains of soil; they form a barrier on the top layer of soil, a barrier that NO critter wants to dig through once they've breached the surface.

The active ingredients are NOT soluble in water so they will not just dissolve away in a few days, or even a few weeks.

These ingredients stay lodged in the grains of soil for months making Yard Gard Deterrent one of the longest lasting products on the market.

Yard Gard Mole Deterrent uses the Mole's own sense of smell against it.

By combining ingredients that are uncomfortable to the taste and smell, they actually repel the moles when it tunnel up-ward through no mole barrier zone.

By tunneling through the soil the mole ignites the ingredients to release its potent aromas and taste, when this happens it begins to condition the moles.

This process is called operant conditioning and it was made famous by Ivan Pavlov when he conditioned his dogs to salivate when he rang the bell and the dogs expected food.

Using operant conditioning on moles takes time but it has a long lasting effect. 




The following ingredients are in our Yard Gard Mole repellent

  • Castor Oil
  • Red Pepper
  • White Pepper
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium lignosulfonate
  • Organic soap
  • Dolomitic lime
  • Water

  • eco-friendly | safe for children and pets | safe for animals | the product that works!

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