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    I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by!

    - Frank, FL

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Yard Gard Armadillo Deterrent


Yard Gard Armadillo Deterrent is made with two main components;

  • the active ingredients and
  • the pellet or granule (the delivery system).

These two components are joined together and covered with a hard coating-shell

  • which keeps the active ingredients locked inside the pellet, for longer effectiveness.

The hard coating-shell accomplishes several things;

  •  The coating keeps Yard Gard's active ingredients from coming in contact with water or
  •  other the environmental elements like sunlight and
  •   past chemicals that were applied to the lawn;
    • the active ingredients are preserved to stay fresh longer; 
    • therefore it extends the shelf-life of the Yard Gard while in storage, inside the pellet.
    • and provides longer effectivness of the repelling actions.

Yard Gard is composed of natural food grade oils, spices, and minerals.

Each of these ingredients are "user friendly" on their own, 

  • as individual ingredients. 
  • as well as when combined into the final Yard Gard formulation. 

Yard Gard contains no harsh man-made chemicals and

  • poses a very low risk during and after application.

Because of these all-natural elements used in Yard Gard,

  • it is safe for use around humans, pets and the environment.


Yard Gard puts down a safe barrier which is free from any harsh man-made chemicals

This layer is formed when the ingredients are absorbed into the top one to two foot layers of your lawn's soil --

  • which protects  your lawn from unwanted digging Armadillos.

While researching about Armadillos we made a few fascinating discoveries.

  • The biggest discovery was their sense of smell.
  • Armadillos have a tremendous nose that would put a bloodhound to shame.

Does the Armadillo Deterrent work?

Animal Activity (Verical)


Days (Horizonal) ---------->

     Yard Gard Test Results: Animal Activity (0 - 180 events) -vs- Days (1 to 100 days)


 The effectiveness rating, ranges from 95% to 100%, depending on three keys conditions:

    (1) the amount of water (rain or sprinkler) applied to the treated area.

    (2) the number of animals (armadillos) foraging in the treated area.

    (3) the thickness of dead grass (thatch) in the treated area.


Once Yard Gard is applied and watered as directed,  

  • water dissolves the hard coating-shell covering the pellet; 
  • the active ingredients begin to percolate out of the pellet,
  • where they then begin to migrate down into the soil,
    • once they are in the soil, they lodge within the grains of dirt and sand.


These active ingredients form a barrier in your lawn’s soil from the lawn's surface downward for approximately 1 to 2 feet deep. (This is the barrier zone mentioned above.)

The animal will not dig into this zone, thereby they do not damage your lawn.

This barrier zone:

  • starts at the top layer of the lawn’s soil and
  • moving downward for approximately one to two feet deep,
    • creating a barrier that NO critter wants to dig in or through.


The active ingredients are NOT soluble in water, 

  • (only the coating-shell is water soluble) 

The active ingredients will not dissolve away in a few days, or even a few months  

  • these ingredients stay lodged in the grains of soil for months,
  • making Yard Gard Deterrent --
    • one of the longest lasting products on the market.

With this type of ingredient barrier in your Yard Gard treated lawn, 

  • animals with higher senses of smell
  • will quickly learn to find another place to dig for food.

 For instance, a dog has a great sense of smell; but-- 

  • it has been reported that the armadillo
    • has a far greater sense of smell than a dog.

This is based on the fact that 33% of the armadillo's brain  

  • is dedicated to the sense of smell (the olfactory lobe).


This may help to explain the armadillo’s very poor eyesight,

  •  because of the massive amount of sensory of smell.


 Armadillos have been studied and found -- 

  • to be able locate a grub or worm six inches beneath the soil,
  • simply by sniffing the soil of your lawn.


When a grub or worm is sensed (smelled) -- 

  • the armadillo pokes its powerful nose straight into the ground.

 One more reason armadillos like the moist soil areas,  

  • it's easier to penetrate the soil with their nose.


The result of this action is the multiple "cone shaped" holes found in your lawn each morning. (The armadillo’s head/face is cone shaped.)


  • If no food is found by this action, the armadillo simply moves on sniffing for food.
  • But, if food is found, the armadillo then uses its short, but powerful, front legs and claws to dig up the surrounding area to retrieve its dinner, thereby wrecking havoc on your lawn.

We found some lawns had up to ten or more square feet of grass literally turned upside down overnight because of armadillos foraging for food.


Yard Gard Armadillo Deterrent uses the armadillo's own sense of smell against the animal.  

  • This is done by combining ingredients that are unpleasant to the animal’s sense of taste and sense of smell,
  • These ingredients actually repel the armadillo because it smells and tastes the soil while it digs into the soil.


By digging into the soil the armadillo ignites the ingredients to release its potent aromas and taste (an unpleasant smell and taste) when this happens,

  • the operant conditioning process begins by training and/or conditioning the armadillo to leave the area.
  • operant conditioning and was made famous by Ivan Pavlov when he conditioned or trained his dogs to salivate when they heard a bell ring. They salivated even if no food was presented when the bell was rung. 


Operant conditioning an armadillos takes time,

  • we have found it to be about ten to twelve days because
  • each animal in the area must be conditioned by smelling and tasting your Yard Gard treated lawn.


 When property owners have difficulty getting rid of an armadillo, we have found that they  most likely have multiple armadillos destroying their land.

  •  When this occurs Yard Gard Armadillo Deterrent is very effective, it may however need additional time because each individual armadillo has to be conditioned or trained to move out.


Armadillos don't generally travel in packs, but since the mother always has four pups with each pregnancy;

  • an armadillo family will travel together.
  • Greatly increasing the likelihood of a multiple animals foraging and moving through your lawn.


See armadillo damage photos below,

  • The same lawn BEFORE and AFTER treatment with Yard Gard Armadillo Deterrent


            From this...                 To this...

          in less than 30 days, guaranteed.




Listed Below are the ingredients in our Yard Gard Armadillo Repellent

  • Castor Oil
  • Red Pepper
  • Organic soap
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium lignosulfonate
  • Lime dust
  • Dolomitic lime
  • Water

  • eco-friendly | safe for children and pets | safe for animals | the product that works!

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