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    I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by!

    - Frank, FL

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Mole Repellent Information


            The above photos are worth a thousand words... 

                  The golf tee box in the left photo is like plowed ground, from mole damage.

      • (Photo taken BEFORE Yard Gard)

             The same tee box in the right photo is smooth and pest free. 

      • (Photo taken one month AFTER treatment with Yard Gard)




Because we have proven that Yard Gard truly does work,

we guarantee Yard Gard will work for your lawn.

Money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the results! 


Try it, we promise you will be satisfied with the results or your money back, guaranteed.


How Does the Yard Gard Mole Deterrent work?


Moles normally live 2 to 4 feet beneth the soil surface; they spend the majority of their life underground.

Normally the only time you notice a mole is when:

  • they clear out excess dirt from their "RUNWAY TUNNEL" by push it to the surface, creating the mole "MOUNDS"
  • they forage for food just under the soil surface creating the "SURFACE TUNNEL", which leaves a trail of raised soil and dead grass.


 Our Process is Unique but Simple for You to use 


  • Yard Gard Mole repellent is made with two main components: The Pellet & the Active Ingredients making it easy and simple for you to apply to your lawn.
  • Yard Gard's ingredients are placed inside the pellet during manufacturing, where the pellet is also encased with a water-soluble coating agent encapsulating the ingredients inside the shell, which assures you of fresh repelling ingredients when you apply Yard Gard to your lawn. 
  • Watering your lawn dissolves the water-soluble coating shell which then releases the powerful ingredients of natural oils, spices and minerals to be slowly absorbed into your lawn, yielding your most effective, long lasting repelling results for your lawn.
  • The ingredients are absorbed into your lawn over several months, therefore protecting your yard from pests for the longest time period.
  • These ingredients create a repelling barrier extending from the lawn's surface downward for one to two feet deep, forming the  "No Mole Zone" that moles will not travel through, thereby your lawn or garden is protected from these pests; the animal will not come up to the surface of your lawn. 


How is Our Process Advantageous to You? 

  • Organic ingredients decay quickly when exposed to the elements.

  • Yard Gard products uses a wide variety and high concentration of ingredients.

  • Yard Gard's active ingredients are loaded inside the pellet, sheilding them from exposure to the elements until they are released into the soil. Some support ingredientrs are attached to the outside of the pellet; the pellet is then coated with a water soluble caoting agent, sealing the ingredients inside.

  • Yard Gard products are composed of natural/organic food grade oils, spices, and minerals.

  • Yard Gard products are safe: No harsh man-made chemicals & will not harm humans, pets or the environment.

  • Yard Gard products have stood the test! See our double blind study test results below 


Does Yard Gard Mole Deterrent work?


                                             How to Read This Graph:

MOLE ACTIVITY: (Vertical scale) Is indicated by the numbers on the left side scale. The higher the red line extends up on the graph's scale equals the amount of mole activities for that day.

RE: The higher up the left side scale equals more activity; if the line is at "0" it means no activity.

TIME in DAYS: (Horizonal scale)Is indicated by the Day Number on the scale at the bottom of the graph:

RE: Studies extend From "Day 1"  to  "Day 100".


Our Test Results:  Animal Activity -vs- Days Lapsed

  • Yard Gard test results are based on double blind studies, performed over a 2 year period

  • Yard Gard products & competitor products were applied to various lawns with the same protocol 

  • Animal activity was documented during the total study days; afterwards the different product identification's were revealed

  • The animal activity results were plotted on graphs and are displayed here for your confidence

The effectiveness rating, ranges from 95% to 100%, and depends on three keys conditions.

  • First the amount of water applied to the treated area.
  • Second the number of animals (moles) tunneling in the treated area.
  • Third, the thickness of dead grass (thatch) in the treated area.


Deterrent Principle

  • Burrowing animals have a heightened sense of smell; 100 times greater than humans

  • Our ingredients are potent & irritating to the sense of smell and taste of burrowing animals

  • As animals dig for food they smell and taste the soil and are therefore conditioned to associate your yard with discomfort

  • This principle is 'operant conditioning'; made famous by the scientist Pavlov when he conditioned dogs to salivate when the food bell rang.

  • Animals with higher senses of smell, quickly learn to find another place to dig for food



The following ingredients are in our Yard Gard Mole repellent

  • Castor Oil
  • Red Pepper
  • White Pepper
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium lignosulfonate
  • Organic soap
  • Dolomitic lime
  • Water

  • eco-friendly | safe for children and pets | safe for animals | the product that works!

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