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    I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by!

    - Frank, FL

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Gopher Repellent Information



  • Gophers are burrowing rodents  and are well equipped for a digging and tunneling lifestyle
  • Depending on the species, gophers are 6 to 10 inches long
  • For the most part, gophers remain underground in their burrow system
  • Mounds of fresh soil are the best sign of a gopher’s presence
  • Typically mounds are crescent or horseshoe shaped when viewed from above
  • Mole mounds, however, are more circular in profile and they are volcano-shaped
  • The "plugged" burrow opening entrance is located at the perimeter edge of the mound's footprint.


 gopher-mound.jpg gopherholes3.jpg

Gopher Problems 

  • Gophers often feed on garden crops, ornamental plants, vines, shrubs and trees
  • A single gopher can inflict considerable damage in a very short time
  • Gophers also gnaw and damage plastic water lines and lawn sprinkler systems
  • Their tunnels can divert and carry off irrigation water, which leads to soil erosion
  • Mounds on lawns interfere with mowing equipment and ruin the aesthetics of well-kept turfgrass


Our Solution to Gophers


Yard Gard Multi-Animal Repellent is designed to deter a variety of animals that forage for grubs, insects, and other underground food. These animals have a keen sense of smell and we use their senses against them by creating a barrier in the soil that sends them away. Our all natural repellent is made from all natural, organic ingredients so that your family and pets are safe. Yard Gard Multi-Animal Repellent removes digging critters from your yard safely and effectively without harmful man-made chemicals. See more general information on gophers below. If you need any additonal assistance don't hesitate to call our experts at 1-855-665-3746.


See Our Test Results!

Like all ground burrowing animals, the gopher must be conditioned (trained) to know that the Yard Gard treated area is unfriendly to his senses (sense of smell and sense of taste).

This often takes time as we learned in our testing process.

Below you will find the results of our test data on a golf course fairway.

The "red-lined boxes" shown below represent the area of the golf course treated with Yard Yard Animal Deterrent.

  • the top "lay-out diagram" represent the area before treatment with Yard Gard;
  • the bottom "lay-out diagram" represent the area after treatment with Yard Gard.

Each red dot (.) in the "red-lined boxes" on the course layouts  below represent a gopher mound,

  • See the photo insert below of the gopher mound with a golf ball at the base of the mound to depict the size of the mound. 

After application of Yard Gard product, the gophers started leaving the area.

  • See the "red-lined boxes" pictured below.
  • The gophers moved out of the treated area for good.

Observe the "red dots ( . ) Each red dot ( . ) represents a gopher mound).

The red dots ( . ) are present in the top layout diagram of the golf course fairway (before Yard Gard treatment), but in the bottom layout daigram (After Treatment) observe that the red dots are gone;

  • Two months time period laps from data in the top layout diagram (Before Treatment) verses data in the bottom layout diagram (After Treatment).
  • The gopher activity and mounds was disappeared over the total time period.
  • Notice in the bottom course lay out diagram (After Treatment), the "red dots" are gone.
        • After two month: No more gopher mounds.


  • eco-friendly | safe for children and pets | safe for animals | the product that works!

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