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    I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by!

    - Frank, FL

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Armadillo Repellent Information

                        Proven Results - A Florida Yard in 2015  

         The Photos (Before and After Photos) are of the Same Lawn

                             (Photos taken two weeks apart.)


We have proven with objective testing (double blind studies) that Yard Gard truly does work, therefore ...

  • we  guarantee Yard Gard will work for you.

  • or your money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the results! 


How Does Yard Gard Armadillo Deterrent Work for You?


Our Process is Unique But Simple

  • Yard Gard Armadillo repellent is made with two main components:
    • The Pellet & the Active Ingredients
      • for the effectiveness and
      • your easy and simple application to your lawn.
  • Yard Gard's ingredients are placed inside the pellet; while some ingredients are attached to the outside of the pellet;
    • the pellet is then encased with a water-soluble coating agent-
    • which assures you of fresh repelling ingredients when Yard Gard is applied to your lawn. 
      • (Water dissolves the coating agent which then start releasing the ingredients to start repelling animals.)
  • Watering your lawn causes the proven and effective ingredients to be slowly released into your lawn as the water-soluble coating shell is dissolved, yielding you the most effective, long lasting results with fresh ingredients each time your lawn is watered.
  • The ingredients are absorbed into your lawn over months, therefore effectively protecting your yard from pests for the longest time period.



How is Our Process Advantageous?

  • Natural ingredients will decay quickly when exposed to the elements
  • Yard Gard products are packed with active ingredients - up to 50% more than most other products.
  • Yard Gard's active ingredients are inside the pellet keeping them fresh and from exposure to the elements until they are released into the soil by watering the pellets.
  • Yard Gard is comprised of natural/organic food grade oils, spices, and minerals
  • Yard Gard is Safe: No harsh man-made chemicals used; it won't harm the environment and  it's safe to use around children and household pets.
  • Yard Gard has stood the test!  See the double blind test evaluation results below


Does the Armadillo Deterrent Work?


Yard Gard Test Results:   Activity  vs. Number of Days

  • Yard Gard test results are based on double-blind studies.
  • Simply put: The double-blind study is where... 
    • the people applying the products do not know the formulas,
    • they only know the product by an ID number.
    • As time passes they record the results of the ID number test area daily for a 100 day period,
    • After the testing time is completeed and all test area results are recorded;
    • the formulas are then revealed to observe the best formulas.
    • (This removes any bias toward any formula.)
  • The double blind studies (100 days each test asite)
    • were performed over a 2 year period and
    • the formulas and ingredients  were not revealed until after all studies were completed.
  • Yard Gard formulas & the competitor products were applied in equal manner to the different  test lawns. 
    • (No distintion made to identify product other than the sequential ID numbering of products.)
  • All animal activity results are documented for the evaluation time period. (100 days)
  • After the evaluation period ended,
    • these animal activity results were plotted on graphs and
    • graph samples are displayed here for your consideration.
  • After graph were plotted, the different product formulas and names were then revealed.


The "effectiveness rating" ranges from 90% to 100% and were depending on four keys conditions:

  • the amount of Yard Gard product applied to the treated area
  • the amount of water applied to the treated area.
  • the number of animals (armadillos) foraging in the treated area.
  • the amount or thickness of dead grass (thatch) in the treated area.


Deterrent Principle

  • Burrowing animals have a heightened sense of smell;...
    • 100 times greater than humans.
  • One third of the armadillo's brain (Olfactory lobe) is associated with the sense of smell;
    • therefore they have a  very keen sense of smell.
    • (Example: The armadillo can smell a grub that is located six inches under-ground.)
  • Yard Gard ingredients are very potent & irritating to the senses of smell & taste of these burrowing animals.
  • As the animals dig for food ...
    • they are conditioned or trained to associate the smell of your treated yard with discomfort.
  • This is "Operant Conditioning": Made famous by Pavlov when he conditioned dogs to salivate when they heard the food bell ring.
  • Animals with higher senses of smell are quickly conditioned or trained to leave the treated area.



Listed Below are the ingredients in our Yard Gard Armadillo Repellent:

  • Castor Oil
  • Red Pepper
  • Organic soap
  • Calcium carbonate (limestone granules)
  • Calcium lignosulfonate
  • Limestone dust (limestone coating)
  • Dolomitic lime
  • Water

  • eco-friendly | safe for children and pets | safe for animals | the product that works!

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