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    I am one of your most CONVINCED customers. I first tried Yard Gard last fall (2010) I got great results!! It was easy to apply and the armadillo that was giving my yard HELL every night stopped coming by!

    - Frank, FL

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Armadillo Home Remedy

Before You Do It Yourself...

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Animal Repellent Solutions (read first)

Do you want to know how to get rid of armadillos in your yard?

  • Getting rid of armadillos may not be as easy as you think.
  • Armadillos roam around at random in a general area which makes it hard to know if the armadillo in your yard is the same one that visiteed you before and there may even be a high concentration of armadillos.

How to keep armadillos away can be tricky;

  • the best way to get rid of armadillos is to keep a high concentration of odors and flavor in your soil that the armadillo dislikes.

That's where we come in...

  • Our formulas are made of natural ingredients & contain various combinations & concentrations for optimum results
  • Yard Gard products are proven to be effective as a soil burrowing animal deterrent
  •  Our patented time release principle will repel the animal for months
  • Our low cost solution will prove to be worth the cost 
  • Yard Gard is guaranteed to work or we refund 100% of your money


NOTE: Below are some home solutions for getting rid of pest animals, however they will require frequent application and depending on the amount may only work temporarily.


Homemade Armadillo Repellent

We are not endorsing any of these remedies but,--

  • because of the economic downturn situation,
  • we are simply sharing them with folks who may want to do it themselves.

Keep in mind as you try these remedies there is a real cost involved in:

  • time spent in obtaining items and preparations.
  • effort in putting it all together.
  • money spent to buy items and equipment.
  • inconvenience of getting everything together.
  • preparation of the remedy
  • and the possibility of having to --
  • repeat the process weekly.


 Remedy One:
  • Ingredients: Castor Oil and Liquid Dish Detergent
  • Procedure: In a garden hose sprayer mix:
  • 16 ounces Castor Oil with
  • 4 ounces of Liquid Dish Detergent.
  • Fill to the top of the container with tap water and
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Application: Spray the entire content over approximately 3000 square feet area.

Caution: Castor oil will stain your clothes.

 * For help and money saving solutions check out the Yard Gard Advantage Club at bottom of this page.



 Remedy Two:
  • Ingredients: Cayenne pepper
  • Procedure: In a 5 gallon bucket mix:
  • 5 ounces dry cayenne pepper granules and
  • 2 gallons play sand.
  • Blend the two together until evenly mixed. (See caution comments)
  • Application: Use a drop spreader to cover approximately 2000 sq feet.
  • Water your lawn immediately after applying the remedy to ensure the pepper is washed off the grass and into the soil.


  • Use extreme caution when mixing the pepper and sand together.
  • Wear goggles, mask and gloves when working with this remedy.
  • Pepper will burn your eyes; if contact with eyes occurs, flush your eyes with a large amount of water.
  • Wash hands and arms thoroughly after applying the mixture.
  • Do use extreme caution with this remedy.

* For help and money saving solutions check out the Yard Gard Advantage  Club at bottom of this page.



 Remedy Three:

  • Ingredients: Ammonia and Murphy Oil Soap
  • Procedure: In a garden hose sprayer mix:
  • 16 ounces Ammonia with
  • 4 ounces of Murphy Oil Soap.
  • Top off the container with tap water and mix thoroughly.
  • Application: Spray the entire content over approximately 2000 square feet area.
  • Caution:
  • Do not allow spray mist to come in contact with eyes.
  • Do not breathe the spray mist.
  • Wear goggles and mask when applying this remedy.
BGA does not endorse nor are we responsible for the results or the safety issues while using these home remedies.
These are simple home remedies that we are aware that have been tried by other people,
  • they are not tested nor proven,
  • apply at your own risk!
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This is a value-added service we offer to thank the users of our products and to thank the visitors to our site.

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 Thank you.

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